Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions and answers
that are frequently asked by customers:

How do I cancel my reservation?
A reservation can be cancelled via the internet on our Cancel Reservations page.
You can also call us to request a cancellation at 0265-95-1260.
I have not received a confirmation email.
Failure to receive confirmation may be because of your anti-spam settings.
Please check the “junk” folder of your email program.
Also, please change your settings to receive e-mail messages from “”, as application confirmation and notices of shipment of miso will be sent from this domain.
Is it possible for a child under three years old to participate?
Children (ages 6 and younger) cannot enter the building or participate for safety reasons.
Can we make one 2kg portion of miso by two people if we want to participate as married couple?
You can make one 2kg portion of miso by up to three adults.
Is there anything we should bring with us?
Not in particular, but please come in comfortable clothes for the walking factory tour and hands-on workshop.
We will prepare your apron, hat, and gloves necessary for for the workshop.

Other questions or inquiries may be made directly through the Inquiries Form, or call us at 0265-95-1260.